Airport shuttle vs. private transport: Which is the better choice?

If you have plans to travel through air anytime soon, you might be wondering how to travel to the airport – you’re likely to be confused whether you should be opting for self-transportation, hiring a taxi or use the airport shuttle services. This is a common confusion among many travelers – private or airport shuttle. Melbourne airport or Sydney airport, the need for a reliable transportation to and from the airport cannot be ignored. This article will discuss which would be a better option among the two so that you can make a better decision.

Shuttle services

Several shuttle companies offer reliable, comfortable and inexpensive means of travel to and from the airport . They come with several added benefits and always seem to be a better choice of airport transportation for many travelers. Since you can book the services online by mentioning your pickup time and location, you don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting to get a taxi at the scheduled time. You no more have to haggle with taxi drivers or haul around your luggage to find a taxi. Though, shuttle comes with the only downside of shared riding. If you’ve no issues with this, shuttle is the right service for you!

Private transport

If you want a completely private transport, you might have to drive on your own or arrange for someone to pick you or drop you in your own private car. These might come with some advantages like the level of flexibility, but also have their disadvantages. For instance, if you are driving on your own, you would be going through a lot of stress trying to focus on driving through heavy traffic and tensed to get to the airport on time. Once you reach the airport, you have to opt for ‘paid parking’ for the whole time span you would be away. If you’re having someone to drop you, you’re still engaging them with the same stress. To avoid these, you can hire airport shuttle. Or if you want your own transport, you can go for private transport.

In conclusion, it can be zeroed down according to your needs and budget. So, do your homework and decide what best suits your requirements. If you feel you can better plan your own travel, there’s simply no reason to ignore it. If not, airport shuttle services are always at your rescue.

Things to Avoid for a Safe Weekend Hotel Stay in Singapore

Traveling around Singapore till late hours of the night on busy commercial areas is absolutely safe if you are a local. As Singapore was a British colony, communication is not a problem as most locals speak fluent English. People traveling to Singapore for the first time on holiday or business should take time to understand local regulations about littering, public behavior and hygiene as there are stiff fines for offences like smoking in public places, spitting or throwing even small pieces of paper on the sidewalk. To have a memorable stay in this picturesque city and enjoy all the delightful experiences it has on offer, it is best to understand local regulations to be safe rather than sorry about visiting Singapore.

Drugs and punishment

Laws in Singapore are very strict so jaywalking or loitering around smoking and chewing gum is not acceptable. If you are traveling to the city for a short vacation with the family or with young friends and have planned weekend hotel stay in Singapore then it is best to stay away from soliciting drug purchase or sales in any manner. Possession and consumption of drugs in Singapore is punishable by death so stepping out of line with drugs as a tourist is a foolish idea.

Traveling by car

Taxis are relatively inexpensive in Singapore and tourists can travel everywhere in safety if they are absolutely sure about their destination else they are likely to get overpriced. As all local taxis have meters you are safe from negotiating about prices and can expect a fair bill after the ride. If you feel that the cab driver has overcharged then calls up the company to which the driver belongs as all details will be available in the bill itself. To keep costs down take a map with you to find out exact distance to destination and then take assistance of hotel reception to get a fair priced cab.

Traveling during weekends

As there are several Malaysian and Indonesian residents working in Singapore traveling to the city on a weekend by public transport or road is a tiresome exercise. If you are planning a weekend hotel stay in Singapore then avoid traveling during Sunday. It is advisable to drive over during weekdays like Thursday or Friday. Pack plenty of insect repellant and keep away from wooded areas as there are plenty of creepy crawlies in the under-bush that are common in tropical countries.