Top Four Chinese Steamboat Buffet Lunches in Singapore

A hot favorite during the chilly days, steamboat restaurants lure as many tourists as the locals with its mesmerizing taste and choice of ingredients. Ask someone to list out their personal favorite, and these four names are common. The best Chinese steamboat buffet in Singapore are:

1. The Magic of ChongQuing Hotpot: Been around since 1994, The Magic of ChongQuing Hotpot continues to go on strong because of its delicious mala soup. The ingredients are plenty with over hundred items to choose from. The hot pot served here will take you on an unforgettable Sichuan culinary journey. Maintaining fidelity to calling itself a Chinese hot pot, the Sichuan steamboats served here plays the tongue with an intriguing mixture of spices and sweet. Taste sweets and small nibbles are served in between courses to clear out the pallet. The flavors explode in your mouth when you dip them in sauces. Do try the Eight Treasures Tea at the end of the meal.

2. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat corner: Fish choice offered here are Pomfret, Grouper, Red Snapper and Song Fish. The dishes offered here aren’t restricted to steamboat, delicacies like Prawn Paste Chicken wings, Prawn Rolls, Oyster Omlette and Braised Intestine are a must try. The steamboats are cooked over traditional charcoal stoves and the fish head hotpot is the best in the city. The vegetable selection includes fresh and crispy spring onions, cabbage, chye sim, fried yam and mushrooms. Bean curd, the secret ingredient imparts the unforgettable flavor.

3. Guo Fu Steamboat: Instead of the large steamboats, the ones served at Gou Fu Steamboat are portioned to serve individuals in an attempt to maintain hygiene and respect personal preferences. The great mixture of fresh ingredients with subtle spices will leave you completely satisfied. As compared to other steamboat restaurants within the same price range, the taste here is superior.

4. Chuan Wang Fu Spicy Hot Pot: True to the cuisine served, the interior is also decorated with traditional Chinese artifact. Of the five soup bases offered the herbal chicken and mala are a hot favorite. The mushroom and fish soup are also worth trying. Open till midnight, this restaurant is a must visit to satisfy sudden hunger pangs. There is a dessert bar but the timings are erratic. For those who want to sample from the a la carte menu, the Bang Bang chicken and Kou Shui Ji are a must try.

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