Benefits of getting a full body massage in Singapore

Do you know that a full body massage can do a lot more than help you release stress and relax? Research has shown that massage can do everything from stimulating the nervous system and encouraging the production and release of hormones to wake up the organs and stimulate blood circulation. What’s more, a massage can help release toxins in the muscles and boost our mood.

Since massage offers many health benefits, you should consider getting it as often as you can. Doing this will go a long way in improving your health.

In this article, we will be taking a close look at some of the benefits of a full body massage.

Stimulate bone blood supply

Getting a full body massage can help increase the supply of blood to your bones. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. You see, blood flow brings essential nutrients and minerals like calcium that our bone requires to carry out their function and support our body. So each time you get a massage, your skeletal system gets a boost.

Improve your heart health

Most people in Singapore know that regular massage can help improve heart health, but only a hand full of people know that a full body massage is good for the heart.

During a massage, our blood vessel expands. When this happens, blood and oxygen will be delivered to our organs faster.

This is ultimately going to improve blood circulation throughout our body and relax our cardiovascular system.

Boost the digestive system

To make ends meet, most people push themselves hard and endure chronic stress. What they don’t know is that the buildup of stress can affect their digestive system.

Well, the good news is that a full body massage can help improve our digestive well-being and help our body process foodbetter.

A full body massage can also help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help regulate our blood pressure to encourage the production of chemicals needed for digestion like insulin, gastric juice, and saliva.

Note that there is a particular type of massage that focuses on the abdominal area. For example, the Classic Swedish massage includes a massage directed at the large intestine to help you improve digestion.

Help you breathe better

At the start of your massage, your massage therapist will likely tell you to take a deep breath.

If you have gotten a massage before, you likely may be wondering why you are told to do so. Well, studies have shown that taking a deep breath can help reduce stress.

Stress causes the accumulation of tension in the shoulder, neck, and chest. When this happens, our breathing gradually becomes restricted.

As you take several deep breaths during a massage, your therapist will work into the stiff muscles that assist your breathing. If you want, your massage therapist can massage the intercostal muscles (the muscles between your ribs), which are important for effortless breathing.

Final note

The benefits of getting a full body massage are endless. To enjoy them, you have to step out of your comfort zone and get a full body massage at any of the many reputable spas in Singapore. You won’t regret it.