Benefits of Aesthetic Treatments

When taking care of our body or our skin, some people believe that washing your face or your body regularly is enough. Some believe that you do not really need go to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore doctor or seek aesthetic treatment to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. However sometimes that is not the case. Some people are not aware of the benefits these aesthetic treatments in Singapore could give you and today we are going to tell you more about that.

First off, Novu Aesthetics will tell us about the benefits of a medical facial. Let us read about it below.


Healthy skin from the inside out

If you want your skin to glow and look its absolute best, you should see a licenced medical aesthetician. In addition to using the right products, a regular skincare regimen should include periodic skin care treatments. Let’s also not forget having a healthy diet and regular exercise, drinking adequate amounts of water and getting enough sleep. Just applying topical creams on your skin is not enough to truly restore and rejuvenate your skin. Read more here.

There are three benefits given above and these are: healthy skin from inside and out, personally customized treatment plan, and skin analysis. You would be able to have all this once you plan to have your medical facial which is really a good thing. Now, Brampton Guardian will give us some benefits of medical aesthetics and laser/IPL technologies treatments.

Benefits of Medical Aesthetics and Laser/IPL Technologies treatments

There are many benefits to medical aesthetic treatments. Medical cosmetic treatments including Laser/IPL technology treatments are in high demand as clients seek to help maintain their youthful appearance as well as improve their confidence. Here are the benefits of medical aesthetic treatments:

Demand for Cosmetic Treatments

More and more people are seeking cosmetic treatments to help them maintain a more youthful appearance. Both men and women alike are growing more interested in discovering the treatments available from basics such as microdermabrasion to more complicated laser and IPL technologies. From wanting to rid them selves of acne or scarring to diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, medical aesthetics provide endless possibilities for clients seeking improvements to their appearance.


Many people are pursuing medical aesthetic treatments at an earlier age to help prevent the appearance of aging and scarring. Read more here.

One of the important benefits of medical aesthetic treatment is prevention. Prevention is really better than cure. It would make things easier and it would lessen the problem as well. You would be able to prevent all skin problems before they would attack. In addition to that, Dr. Vincent Wong is going to share to us some of the surprising health benefits of aesthetic treatments.

The surprising health benefits of aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic treatments are not just all about looking good – they can make you feel better as well. From sweat relief to eye surgeries, here are just a few of the surprising health benefits of the most popular aesthetic procedures.

 Botox combats excessive sweating and migraines

            It is best known as a wrinkle-busting procedure, which wipes years off your face with just a single injection. But Botox has a number of medically-valuable side effects. In the US, the FDA has approved its use in the treatment of migraines, while in the UK it is being increasingly used as a solution for excessive sweating, or ‘hyperhidrosis’. 

            When injected into the armpits, the botulinum chemical essentially paralyses the sweat glands, making them less able to produce sweat with immediate effect. Like cosmetic Botox, each treatment will last for at least three months, or up to six months with continuous use. Read more here.

There are four benefits given above and they are from Botox, micro needling, dermal fillers, and laser technology. It is surprising to know that these treatments do not only keep you beautiful and looking, but they also help with some health problems such as migraine, bad eyesight, excessive sweating, and a lot more. That just proves that aesthetic treatments are really helpful both in beauty and health matters.