Costs of Rejuran Treatment in Singapore

Knowing the so many benefits of Rejuran treatment found in the natural goodness of a type of polynucleotides (PN) extracted from salmon, we must wonder how much it will cost us to do this kind of treatment. How big will the dent in our budget be if we were to choose this miracle treatment instead of other skin rejuvenation procedure? More information can be found at Privé Aesthetics’ Rejuran Facetherapy Singapore Treatment web-page.

Let’s check out some figures based on the what’s available on the Net and find out the estimated cost to obtain this baby skin glow on our skins.

Estimated Costs of Doing Rejuran Treatment

One clinic quoted it at a trial price of $450 per session, in which we will need three treatment sessions every three to four weeks, followed by maintenance sessions between three to six months apart. This makes the total cost of whole treatment around $1350, excluding the maintenance.

On the other hand, another clinic mentioned its full treatment to be around $500 to $1500 and most of this cost goes into the doctor’s fee (administration of injection and consultation) and not the actual cost of the Rejuran injection itself. Another clinic offers slightly higher price at $599 per session, claiming that the injection is administered by a Korean doctor. These estimates are good enough a start as a comparison to shop around for a good price according to your budget.

Of course, as a wise customer, we must also beware of any claim to much lesser price out of the ordinary average. Hence do not forget to check out the originality of the product, the qualification of the person who will administer it and the administration procedure.

As well, you might be thinking why the 4-week gap between the sessions that are often laid out to you before the procedure starts? In fact, if you miss the treatment schedule of four weeks apart, the injection might still achieve its purpose, but the longer gap in-between can affect the desired optimum outcome.

Rejuran in Comparison to Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

The cost of doing Rejuran treatment can be considered inexpensive to other types of skin rejuvenating treatment because it does not involve complex procedure or requiring pricey machines and tools to achieve its result.

Other treatment like platelet-rich plasma injection, which is also touted as vampire facelift, include other procedures such as blood drawing and lab works that might incur further costs. Some people say that laser treatment sometimes costs lower if it is done for smaller areas but considering the lesser side effects and shorter downtime of Rejuran treatment, we can factor that in into the cost as well.

Cost is Silent on Other Side Treatments

However, these costs are all silent on other side treatments, such as treatment to lessen the immediate effects of Rejuran treatment itself like swelling, redness, etc. Side treatments can also include extra comforts that you may request from the doctor for instance numbing creams and painkillers. Hence, it is best to make further inquiries at the treatment center where we are going to take the Rejuran injections before making that final decision.

Based on the above facts and figures, overall, we can say that Rejuran is an affordable treatment to try out from among many skin rejuvenating options out there, not only due to its competitive price, but also its many benefits and lesser risks.