Frequently Asked Questions About Under Eye Fillers

woman with skin care mask pointing to her under eye area

In this article, we will find answers to some pressing and urgent questions as it relates to the use of under eye fillers; it is our aim that you will have more knowledge about this treatment after going through it.

Who can use under eye fillers?

If you experience dark circles, which is an excessive pigmentation or saggy looking eye bags as a result of the aging process, you are most likely a candidate fit enough to use under eye filler. Some people also see some sort of hollow under their eyes. Do not confuse this with the dark circles experienced after one wakes up from a long sleep or the dark circles experienced as a result of a particular season.

What substance is the under eye filler made from?

The basic substance from which the filler is made from is hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally. It can be found within the body tissues. It is biocompatible, or it integrates well with the skin layers. Naturally, since it can be found within our skin, some of it is lost as a result of the aging process, which in turn creates a lost volume or hollow within the dermis. This hollow forms an undesirable dark circle or a saggy skin under the eyes. The fillers fills the volume and reverses its effects.

How long does the filler treatment last?

Normally, its effect can last for up to a year, but as observed, it mostly can last for 6 months. It means that such procedure should be topped up after every few months for continued results. Two factors will also determine how long the effect of such treatment will be observed. The factors are body anatomy and the rate of body metabolism. Since these two factors differ from one person to another, it is expected that how long the treatment will last in one person may be different slightly from another person.

What is used for the under eye treatment?

The device used for this procedure is known as a cannula which is just like a needle, like the normal needle we all know. The only difference is that this needle does not have a sharp tip, but rather it has a blunt tip. It is usually longer in length and can easily slide through the facial tissues. The advantage of this is a decrease in the number of needle pokes and less physical discomfort.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Since the procedure does not come with much physical procedure, a patient can resume normal activities right after the procedure. There may be markings showing where the cannula was used, but a little makeup can be used to cover up these parts. You should also expect some post-treatment swelling for a couple of days after which everything should go back to normal.

How much pain should I expect?

As common in most clinics, a numbing cream is applied to the area just before the procedure or measures will be taken to make the area less painful. So apart from a little pressure, there is no physical pain at all.


Now that we have answered these important questions about under eye fillers and treatments, get ready for your treatments at a reputable aesthetic clinic. Remember that you can always ask the professionals and aestheticians about any personal preferences or questions. Some clinics also provide customized services and plans for customers.