Other Scar Treatments vs. Rejuran Treatments

Rejuran treatment is a skin healing injection found in South Korea and has since been the go-to treatment of most women in Asian countries, especially in Singapore. Rejuran is known as the elixir of youth that promises reversion of anti-aging signs and skin rejuvenation. It is an injection that contains PN – salmon DNA that helps magnificently in reducing fine wrinkles, balancing out pigmentation and hydration also improving elasticity around eyes and other thin skins.

As it is salmon-derived Polynucleotide, Rejuran is famously known to have the best amount of collagen naturally which can supply the skin. It also fights inflammation while repairing damaged and inflamed tissue which people with oily skin type can take benefits of. In this article, we will be looking into other similar treatments as Rejuran as well. More information about Rejuran treatment in Singapore can be found here: https://priveaesthetics.com/prive-treatments/faceworks/dry-or-dehydrated-skin/rejuran-facetherapy/

Laser or Rejuran?

There are other treatments that specialize in scar treatments just the same as Rejuran. You can find laser treatment as related to Rejuran due to its key performance to fight off scars. As stated by Healthline, laser treatment only reduces appearance of scars and it focuses on light therapy. The laser light will remove the outer layer of the skin’s surface and force the production of new cells to make up the damaged skin cells. This will result to tiny injuries to skin cells. Laser treatment shows effects later after 6 months of treatment and onwards which is a lot of time to wait for. On the other hand, Rejuran injection only goes into the thin layer of dermis which will not result to in-depth injury or everlasting deep scar. You should not worry as Rejuran treatment focuses on the vital parts of your skin which is the tip of your lips and eyes and other wrinkly parts only. That way, recovery process is faster, and effects can be seen a lot quicker than 6 months of waiting.

Micro needling?

Another scar treatment is micro needling. Micro needling is an invasive cosmetic procedure that uses collagen production to treat skin conditions. There are many things to reconsider about before you decide to microneedle your skin. Although it shows many good reactions on the skin, however, you must be in a perfect health condition as well as your skin. If you are suffering from skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis or those who are either pregnant or have skin scar history; either one of these; shall abstain from this treatment to avoid unthinkable side effects. Whereas in this matter, Rejuran really excels in catering to almost any types of skin and still will not affect their health condition badly. Rejuran is recommended to be injected for 2 or 3 times within two weeks interval to let the skin relax and absorb the substance before another session comes.

PRP Therapy to Reduce Scars?

Another similar scar treatment is called PRP that stands for platelet-rich plasma therapy. A small blood sample is derived from the treated person to use it for injection in another area of the same person’s body that needs healing. This therapy specializes in hair growth, tissue healing and inflammation reduction. PRP therapy is commonly used in plastic surgery procedure to heal tissue and reduce unnatural scars. The injection will be given once in two or three months. Rejuran treatment is a bit more different in the substance usage as it is derived from salmon DNA and not the patient’s blood. This is due to salmon’s domination in collagen that is what aging skin terribly needs. Therefore, there are many other scar treatments like Rejuran but not as simple and easy as Rejuran itself due to its treatment procedure, natural substance used and effects that show up faster than any other treat