Skin Tightening Treatment – Cost, Risk, and Recovery

One of the most unique and facial rejuvenating processes is laser skin tightening which reduces the wrinkles and makes your skin tighter. This process not only removes wrinkles, but it also makes your skin tighter, toned, smoother and youthful.

What is laser skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening is a non-surgical process. In this process, infrared light is used to tighten up the skin by heating the lowest layer of the skin. The lowest layer then boost up the production of collagen which further contracts the skin and makes the skin tighter and toned.

This process is quick and can be done immediately and this is the reason why this process is very famous. Soon after the process, you will start feeling the tightening of the skin but in order to have optimal results, you need to wait for around two to three months.

Laser treatments for skin tightening are FDA approved method that helps in reducing the fine lines of the skin. Although, this process is not as dramatic as facelift patients enjoy moderate results. This process can be performed on any part of the skin and thus you get your body toned quickly.

This process also improves the growth of collagen in the treated areas. It also improves the absorption of collagen from the skin. As the cells start to regenerate, you will start noticing smoother, softer and toned skin.

What to expect?

Before getting started, you will have to remove the complete makeup, sunscreen or any lotion from the skin. The doctor will start applying a topical anesthetic cream to the area that needs to be treated. The doctor may also provide you glasses if the skin is near your eyes.

Since the skin is non-ablative, there is no need to repeat the anesthesia. But if the patient can’t tolerate even minor discomfort, make sure you talk your doctor beforehand.

Laser skin tightening is processed in the cosmetic skincare clinic. At the time of the process, the doctor uses a handheld device that applies the pulse of laser energy to the treating part of the skin. The blower of the laser will blow cool air to the skin continuously so that to ensure patient comfort.

Most of the time the doctor uses the device thrice on a portion but if the skin is too loose, the doctor may have to use the device a couple of times more at different sessions.

Is it painful?

No, the treatment is not at all painful. Before starting the treatment, the doctor will soothe the skin using an anesthetic cream. This ensures the comfort level of the patient. Most of the patients who took the treatment confirmed that they just have faced a very small amount of discomfort which is bearable.

The cool air makes it easier. The cool air not only provides comfort to the patient, but it also saves the skin from any kind of burn. It is common to feel the heating sensation while the process is carried out.