Things You Should Know Before Getting Under Eye Fillers

woman with one eye open and a light eye bag at her under eye area

As you have already known, under eye fillers provides the answer to that saggy skin and the dark circles. With it you can sure look young again and fresh at the same time. There are a lot of cosmetic clinics around Singapore that offers such treatments, so you don’t need to worry about searching for one. However, here are few things you need to understand before getting under eye treatment.

What to Expect

A clear understanding of what under eye filler treatments are used for is essential. It is basically done to fill up a hollow under the eye. This hollow is also called a ‘tear trough’. How will you know if you have such hollow or loss of volume under your eye’s skin? It is highly likely that you may start noticing a dark circle or shadowing under your eye.

Before the treatment, you will need to consult a professional, maybe a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. Such medical experts will help you understand the main cause of the dark circle under your eye. The professional will also be the one to determine if you will need an eye filler treatment or not.

Another thing you need to know is the duration of the procedure. Of course, that will only be necessary after you have been confirmed as a candidate to undergo such treatment. At most, it will last some 30 minutes, or even less.

How it is Performed

As you already may have known, this filler is an injection. The injection is applied in either one of two approaches. The first option is the use of tiny needles that come with the fillers. The second option is the use of a cannula, which is a more popular and most accepted by dermatologists and other cosmetic surgeons.

Why is the cannula method more accepted?  This is because the cannula method acts like a dull straw that allows a needle to pass through it. All it requires is only one poke, just one and not more than one. Medical experts believe it allows for more precision than the other method with a lesser likelihood of a misplaced piercing. The cannula method also has a lower chance of swelling and bruising after the procedure.

What method to be used depends on you, after your situation has been explained to you by your dermatologist. One word of caution though is that you should never allow any untrained personnel who obviously have no idea of the intricacies of the anatomy of the eye attend to you. The disadvantage is that you may leave with more medical problems than what you visited with.

Are There Any Side Effects?

A particularly good thing everyone should know about any medicine or medical procedure, no matter how small it may seem is to consider what the side effect it may have. Since the eye is one of the most delicate part of the human body, slight bruising is something that may be experienced after the procedure.