What to Do Before and After Facial Treatments

woman closing her eyes and resting with a black facial mask applied onto her face

From time to time, situations might warrant you getting a facial treatment. While that is totally fine, it is also important to understand what to expect from the procedure. How do you schedule an appointment? Is it going to be painful? How much will your facial treatment go to cost? What other specific instructions will you need to adhere to?

It is important to find satisfying answers to these questions and more because they will sort of prepare your mind for what you want to do. Remember, you have every right to look as pretty as you intend to. This article discusses some useful tips on what to do before and after a facial procedure.More information about different types of facial treatments can be found here.

Before a Facial Treatment

  • Study your skin very well – Before deciding that you need facials, there must have been a problem with an area of the skin. So be prepared to give your specialist full information about the affected area.
  • Stop using chemicals before your treatment – As a general principle, three to four days before your treatment, all use of chemicals, like beauty make up and cosmetics, should be paused. This will allow the skin to get in shape for the facial treatment procedure.
  • Do not use any product the day of the treatment – On the day of the treatment, it is vital to just wash your face with water and cleanser, and at most a basic toner and sunblock.
  • Get ready for a brief discussion with the professional – An appointment will always be preceded by a discussion with your specialist. He/She will want full information about the affected skin part, how long the condition has been noticed if it has not spread to other parts. It will also be a good time to discuss your fears and worries.
  • Get ready for steam and extraction – Normally, steaming or surface cleaning is used to relax the skin, so it should be expected. Extraction too will help get the blackheads underneath the skin out.

After a Facial Treatment

  • Avoid washing your face for the said couple of hours – After such a procedure; the skin surely needs some relaxation. So when you get home, just go to bed till the next day before washing your face.
  • Refrain from using makeup – It will still be good to avoid makeup for at least 2 days after the treatment. Keeping your pores unclogged and allowing your skin to rest.
  • Prepare for a little redness – After such a procedure, it is not uncommon for a little redness to be observed. So when you see it, don’t panic as it is part of the process and your skin will heal after a few days.
  • Drink a lot of water – Drink lots of water as it will keep your face hydrated.
  • Keep to your regular skincare routine – Keep your face moisturized and hydrated through a proper skincare routine and remember to be consistent.


As with any cosmetic procedure, facials deal with the face, a very delicate part of the body. Just one mistake can ruin the entire way a person looks. To achieve the best result, it is vital to note the above-discussed tips. We wish you all the best!